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I helping my dad fix his scooter at the moment, I’m rubbing the brown stuff (rust) with a sanding sponge.

My dads scooter will hopefully look like this one,  its in the factory in Pontedera, Italy where they make Vespa scooters and trams. I think the giant from the giants causeway could drive this one.

Football in the park

Today we went to the park and we played football, we saw an Ice cream van and we got two cones. We went to the playground and the gates were locked (again) so we hopped the fence, but when were leaving it was open. We found conkers and we opened them with my mammy’s keys, they were white inside. We went on the bouncy castles and sillybilly people did a puppet show, i didn’t really like the puppet show but the younger kids seemed to like it.


I found this ladybird in my front garden and then I put him in a bowl and put a lid on it, and then put
him in my back garden, so he can watch us playing.

Pinball in the Rain……

Because the weather has been so bad here this summer, my mammy bought me and my little brother, Ruben, a pinball machine. Its really cool.


She bought it in the Early Learning Center, thats the best toy shop in Dublin. My highest score so far is 3156. I’ve been practising a lot while its raining……. I first saw a pinball machine on my holidays in Italy and I was allowed play it once as a special treat. Now I can play it anytime I like.


I called this blog HQ, because in Club Penguin, thats where the secret agents do their missions.  I really like doing the missions, and hope there’ll be a new one soon.  My penguin likes a challenge!

Club Penguin

I love playing Club Penguin.  Just in case you don’t know what it is, its a computer game and you pretend to be a penguin and move around the penguin world playing games and meeting other penguins.   Theres lots of secret levels, pins to find and loads of other cool stuff.   You can also adopt a pet puffle, I have 3 puffles, their names are Sammy, Betty and Firebolt.   They live in my igloo and I have to feed them, play with them and bring them for walks.  My favourite game on Club Penguin is Jet Pack.  My penguin name is Karlonion, next time you’re online, say hello to me!

Lego Robot

Lego is one of my favorite toys in the whole wide world, I made this yesterday - its a robot dinosaur.

Lego robot



I drew this one a few months ago, my dad has it in his work

My house


I drew this when I was 5

My Favourite Films

At the moment I’m watching Pirates of the Caribbean (1) and other films I like are

  • Cheaper by the Dozen (2)
  • Yours Mine and Ours
  • Herbie
  • Racing Stripes
  • Thunderbirds
  • The Incredibles