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lego crew

i built a lego crew with my brother, I’ve got nine boats, I’ve got three planesĀ 

Me and My brother Ruben in Maisy

we went to Wicklow andĀ  slept in a camper van

Pon Pon Pata Pon


Patapon practice machine in the new attic

thanks to Granny and Grandad for the lovely xmas pressie

Veggie food dude

Food dude

I just finished the food dude in school, this is my favorite dinner, rice veg and soy sauce.

Red lego scooter

My dad wants a new Red Vespa GT250, he has two scooters already so I made him this



Saw this guy on our Holidays in Italy

this is from my Dad’s blog - Workers Playtime


Face Leaf


These leaves grow in my front garden, I cut out eyes and mouths to make funny faces.

The Crew


I drew this picture of my house with Inkscape my dad helped me, i think this is a good drawing tool, better than paint.